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TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm TombRaiderCommunity.Com Featuring Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Graphics by Shehi @ TRComm
Tomb Raider Community Announcements
TRComm Changing Primary Address To TombRaider.Ws!

[ Mar. 13 ]

Dear members and visitors! Please be advised that in order to reach much larger audience and to make TRComm more search engine friendly, starting from the March 3rd, 2007, the main domain name to access our web site has become tombraider.ws. All URLs, including the one for our forum has been converted to it's "tombraider.ws" counterpart, e.g. our forum is now accessible at http://forum.tombraider.ws. And of course we have kept the old URLs active as well, so that our visitors would not get lost. Please don't forget to update your bookmarks accordingly!

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Vast Angelina Jolie Image Gallery Launched!

[ Dec. 2 ]

As you now, currently we are in process of merging our Angelina Jolie dedicated fan site with TRComm. Today, we managed to launch TRComm's vast Angelina Jolie image gallery featuring 5500+ High Quality imagery. Please enjoy this new, huge addition to TRComm!

angelina jolie image gallery »

Recent Updates/Improvements In TRComm
Tomb Raider Anniversary Media Update!

[ Mar. 21 ]

Within past 20 days there have been released a vast collection of Tomb Raider Anniversary media of great variety, including pixel-rich official in-game screenshots, wallpapers, a second trailer and even a developer interview. So please don't forget to check all Anniversary related sections - links to which can be found below. Please enjoy!

wallpapers »   concept art »   screens »   video archive »

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7 Custom Levels Added!

[ Feb. 25 ]

Thanks to Moonpooka@TRComm, we have 7 new custom-levels in our Levels Database. Don't waste a time and head for fresh downloads! Thanks to Moonie again for her regular updates! :)

new levels here »

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Tomb Raider Legend Load-Screen Concept Art Added!

[ Feb. 17 ]

Thanks to our fellow raider Tom@LaraCroftOnline.Com, we present to you our loadscreen art collection, a Tomb Raider Legend game rip. Please enjoy this eyecatching collection!

collection here »

Tomb Raider - Now And Then
Lara Croft In Tomb Raider Anniversary Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Title: Tomb Raider Anniversary
Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform: PC, PS2, PSP
Release Date: May 21st, 2007


Tomb Raider: Anniversary is an entirely new gameplay experience inspired by Lara Crofts first ever Tomb Raider adventure. Hired by a powerful syndicate to retrieve a mythical object called the Scion, Lara discovers that she has been used as a pawn in a larger scheme. Taking matters into her own hands, Lara decides she must uncover the mystery behind this ancient artefact.

This title is being developed by Crystal Dynamics, and published by Eidos Interactive.

Media & Links - Links: [Official Site - Wallpapers - Concept Art - Screenshots - Trailers]

San Francisco, Calif. - October 30, 2006 - Eidos Interactive Ltd., one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today confirms the title of the next Tomb Raider game will be Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Set for release in North America on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and Windows PC, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a tribute to Lara Croft and the phenomenal impact she has had on pop-culture and gaming.

Inspired by the first Tomb Raider videogame, originally released in 1996, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a totally new 2006 adventure for Lara, faithfully preserving the elements which made the original Tomb Raider such a classic, selling over 7 million copies worldwide. Using an enhanced 'Tomb Raider Legend' game engine, the graphics, technology and physics bring Lara's adventure and pursuit of a mystical artefact known only as the Scion right up to today's technology standards and will offer gamers a completely new gameplay experience.

"Lara Croft is more than just a video game character - she is a digital-celebrity and icon for the video game industry, as well as a strong, powerful character that people of all ages connect with," said Director of Marketing Matt Gorman, Eidos. "We are re-telling an incredible story using today's technology, we've taken all of the key moments from the original game and put them into the context of a brand new Tomb Raider adventure."

The puzzles are now more in depth and incorporate environmental interaction and physics driven solutions. The level design and flow of gameplay are inspired by the original videogame making Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary a brand new experience in gaming, while still invoking the nostalgia of the first adventure in Tomb Raiding.

"We've captured the essence of what made the original game so special and with today's technology, created a game that pushes the boundaries of the current gaming consoles. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a special celebration of Lara's reign as videogaming's leading lady," said Ian Livingstone, Eidos Interactive.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is currently in development by Crystal Dynamics and will be available in spring 2007.

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28th October 2006 - Eidos is pleased to announce some special news directly to the Tomb Raider community.

The official name of the next Tomb Raider game is Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and the first screenshot is going straight to where it matters most - the people who have supported Lara across the years.

As most of you may already know, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a revitalized version of the original adventure that started it all. This game is more than just a remake; it is a celebration of Lara Croft and the history of the Tomb Raider franchise.

One would need to be blind to not see the impact that Lara Croft has had, both on gaming in general, as well as pop-culture. She is a character that people connect with, a character that transcends the media in which she was originally presented. However, Lara's rise to fame didn't just magically happen. There has been a very powerful, dedicated fan base that has not only tracked her every move over the last 10 years, but helped transform her from being just a video game character, to an international digital celebrity.

Every time a new Tomb Raider game has been released, the fans have asked for a remake of the original. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is our answer. This game is for the fans. It only makes sense that the first information, as well as much more to come, goes directly to the fans. We hope you enjoy the screenshot, and keep your eye out for more information soon...

Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure
Title: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure
Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform: Interactive DVD - DVD9
Developer & Publisher: Bright Entertainment
Distributor: Pinnacle Vision
Release Date: 6th November 2006
RRP: £14.99

22nd September 2006, London - Bright Entertainment Ltd, today announces November 6th 2006 as the release date of the first Interactive DVD game to be based on videogame franchise.

From today's press release announcement, quoting:
" ... Based on Lara's Angel of Darkness adventure, the new release sees Lara framed for a crime she did not commit and players will help her struggle to clear her name and solve an exciting mystery of betrayal and vengeance. Gameplay features puzzle solving and non-stop action adventure ... "
Media & Links - Quick links for your use: [Official Site - Trailers - Screenshots - Wallpapers - Poster (pdf) - Box Art]

Demo - 4-Volume RAR Archive: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] each of 500MB. Total Size: 2.4GB archived in 1.9GB

iDVD Game:   Order Worldwide at Amazon       

Visit Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure Section

Lara Croft Tomb Raider 7: Legend

First appearing in 1996 (yes, Lara's almost a decade old), this latest chapter in the Tomb Raider saga again sends the graphically upgrading heroine questing the globe. This time she's hunting an ancient English artifact and going great-guns against a past nemesis thought long dead and buried.

Traverse lush jungles, frosty mountain tops, ancient ruins and, of course, musty tombs in a game with overhauled controls and seamless, fluid movement. But don't worry, there is not shortage of Lara's signature acrobatics, dual-pistols, bad-ass motorcycle moves and sassy British attitude.

This title is developed by Crystal Dynamics, and published by Eidos Interactive.

Information - Please visit our [ Tomb Raider Legend Main ] for more information on the title.

Media - Here are some links for you: [ Teasers & Trailers - Screenshots - Wallpapers ]

Demo - PC Demo was released on April 1st, 2006. Download Latest Version (v1.2) Now!

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Latest News Headlines
Graphics by Mark@TRFans. Thanks Mark! :)
Tomb Raider: Anniversary Mobile now available  -   Dec 17, 2007

Eidos has released today a new gameplay trailer of Tomb Raider: Anniversary which you can check out in our Media section. Developed by UK based FinBlade, this is their first game release. T ...

Tomb Raider: Underworld unveiled by Play Magazine  -   Dec 14, 2007

US gaming magazine Play was granted an exclusive preview of the upcoming Tomb Raider game, tentatively titled "Tomb Raider: Underworld". The January 2008 edition brings an interview with game producer Eric Lindström, expanding mostly on what will ...

Eidos trademarks "Tomb Raider Underworld" domain  -   Nov 30, 2007

Trademork, a blog about Trademark curiosities, reported that videogame developer Eidos Interactive has protected the trademark Tomb Raider Underworld in relation to a videogame. It is suspected to be the title being currently developed by Crystal D ...

Tomb Raider Anniversary goes Mobile!  -   Oct 26, 2007

With the recent release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary on Xbox 360 and a upcoming version for the Wii, today Eidos Interactive has confirmed that Tomb Raider: Anniversary is set for release on mobile phones from December 2007.

Celebrating the te ...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary PSP and Xbox 360 EU Street Dates  -   Oct 10, 2007

Eidos Interactive Ltd. has confirmed today that Tomb Raider: Anniversary will be released on October 26th for the PlayStation Portable and Microsoft Xbox 360 platforms on October 26th throughout European territories.

Additionally, Anniversar ...

SCi confirms sequels to popular franchises  -   Sep 27, 2007

With Tomb Raider enjoying a high-profile rebirth just last year and Hitman receiving a feature-film adaptation in November, it would seem foolish to pack those franchises away in the mothballs now. Little surprise, then, that Eidos parent company SCi Ente ...

Lara Croft opens women-only beach in Italy  -   Jun 27, 2007

Taking a break during the heavy promotion of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Karima Adebibe decides to relax in the sunshine and open Italy's very first female resort in Riccione, near Rimini on the east coast.

The opening was held in conjunct ...

Tomb Raider Secures World First With Microsoft  -   Jun 24, 2007

Episodic Serialization on Xbox 360 for Tomb Raider Anniversary

Eidos Interactive Ltd., part of SCi Entertainment Group, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, is pleased to announce that th ...